How do I hide an image(s) for a certain period of time, then have it show?


I have a video on my page that say after…oh 15 minutes mentions a price. I’d like to hide all my price / ordering images until that time. The video plays automatically, so I could time it per the video. For the life of me I know this can be done with unbounce, but I cannot find the method.

I’m not even sure if the images can be “hidden” per se, but what if a white box was put over top of them, and that white box disappears after a certain period of time?

Either idea would work and achieve the same end.


Hi Jordan,

Unfortunately there aren’t any features built into Unbounce for having certain actions occur after a given period of time.

I’d personally be very hesitant to do something like this because of the negative effect it would have on conversion rates.

One alternative might be to have your price, ordering images etc on a second page so they aren’t visible right away. Then, you could place a button on your landing page that links to this page. This may achieve a similar effect, but without excluding all your potential leads that just decided not to view the video to its end.

That notwithstanding, if you’re certain it’s what you want to do, you could likely hide those elements with CSS and then use jQuery/Javascript to make them appear after a certain timeout. This would, of course, require access to some web development expertise.

I hope this helps, Jordan!