How do I grab contact form lead id number and pass to external field mapping using get or post methods


So I want to pass a primary id number that gets generated when a form is filled out. There is a column in the view lead display that has a number in it but it does not export with the csv file and i can not find the field to send to the mapping api to pass that to my zoho crm or to my external web site via the post form to url and send to external web site using the get parameters attached to the url.

So basically I want to have the form generate and then grab a lead_ID field when they click submit and pass it as a hidden field on the form so I can map it to my external applications.

I could do this with a bit of javascript to generate a lead id but I can’t find a way to put the code in the form block or affect the form block field values from a javascript code block.


i would like to have unbounce add the url params to my external url like this:{le…

and have the {lead_id} filled in with a int that is generated by unbounce that is unique and is the same as the # associated with the lead in the view lead field.


Hi Jeff,

When you click “View Leads” from your page, we sort all leads based on the time they submitted to your page. The number is just the order they fall in this list and is not stored internally by Unbounce.

You can use a WebHook to send data along to an external webpage or application. Here’s a guide:…

I created a sample page that generates a unique ID for visitors, assuming they’re not visiting at exactly the same millisecond. Here it is:

I added a field to my form called “Javascript Prepopulated Value”, then added this custom script via the editor:

Make sure jQuery is selected.

I hope that helps you!


Thank you for the code snip.

It works.

I adapted it to what I needed it for and all works just fine.

Using the web hooks It posts to zoho crm and sends via get method to my custom php app perfectly.