How do i get the submit button to link to a page


i would like the submit bottom to link to a new page, not just say thank you. Cant find where to change that without adding a second button



Hi Evan.
I’m not sure exactly what you mean, a submit button should send a message of some kind.
But if you use a button from the button-menu, you can edit the properties of the button in the properties menu on the right hand side of your screen.
I have used this way on this Unbounce page:…

Have a nice day.


Hi Evan,

Torben’s got you covered if you’ve got a button CTA on your page. Just click on the button and you’ll see different options on the right hand panel under properties.

If you have a full form, the process is similar as well–just click on the form and you’l see Form Confirmation options in the right hand properties panel. You can change it from “show form confirmation dialog” to “go to another webpage” to link your form submission to a new page: