How do I get faster load times for my landing page?



My landing page is

When the page loads it goes blank then loads. The same for the form.

How can I make it so that it doesn’t do that?

Thank you!!


Hey Chelsea!

I had my colleague Paul run a quick test and your page is loading lightning fast.

It might be due to your location, if the servers are very far away it can affect the load time on your end.

Any more information you have would help us get to the bottom of this!


Hi Jess,

Oh, this makes me feel better! Never thought to test it like that to see if it was just me. Duh! Sometimes the answer is right there eh. Thank you!

I’m in Vancouverish. Where are the servers? Dallas?

Thanks again!


You’re very welcome! I would definitely recommend adding Pingdom to your bookmarks for the future, it’s super handy to have in your tool belt!

To answer your question, Unbounce servers run on 4 different state of the art Amazon EC2 Cloud servers located throughout the world. They’re located on the western and eastern coasts of the United States, Ireland, and Singapore. Dallas is just where the Pingdom servers are, but you can test from anywhere. :slightly_smiling_face: Hope that helps!