How do I embed a dropbox PDF file on my web page?


I want to simply have a PDF that is on Dropbox opened in a viewer within my page.


Hi Brian - you can use a custom HTML element and the HTML object tag to embed a PDF.

Drag a new custom HTML element onto your page via the widget in Unbounce and then add the appropriate code (you can find an example of that here.

The data value is where you’ll add the Dropbox link to your PDF.

This will depend on the browser your site visitor is using having a PDF plug-in. That should cover the majority of available browsers now, but if anyone is using something quite old or has a phone that isn’t especially new, they may not be able to view the embedded file.

With all of that said, in general, it’s much better to keep your landing page copy as brief as you can, so if it’s additional information, I would recommend creating a variation of the page with the embed and one with a download and testing them against each other.