How do I connect get response to unbounce?


I am trying to connect my get response account for capturing leads and email integration to my unbounce landing pages but can’t seen to find where I would go to connect the two services.


Hi Easton,

There isn’t a built in Unbounce/GetResponse integration but you there are three options for connecting the two services.

1. Zapier

Zapier lets you to connect online services and can act as the glue between Unbounce and GetResponse. (We use it ourselves to connect Unbounce & GoToWebinar).

You can check out the Unbounce/GetResponse Zap here.

2. Form Webhook

Unbounce’s Webhook lets you build custom integrations between Unbounce and other services/CRMs. Unlike Zapier, the Webhook requires some development on your end.

You can read about the webhook here.

3. Embed a GetResponse form on your page

With this option, you could replace Unbounce’s form with your GetResponse form instead. This causes your leads to skip Unbounce altogether though and head straight to GetResponse.

You can see how to create a GetResponse web form here and how to embed it in Unbounce, here.

(I’d give #1 a shot as it’s the simplest of the three.)

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


where do the contact emails go