How do I build a multi-tab or multi-page landing page/micro-site on Unbounce?


I’m interested in building out a multi-page landing “site” in Unbounce. What’s the best way to do this?




Hey Dorota,

Unbounce is really geared toward single, stand-alone landing pages but if you want to build a micro-site, you can make it work. It’ll just be a matter of building and publishing each separate page of your site and then linking them together.


Hi Ryan,
Thanks for responding. Yes, that’s what I thought I needed to do. Thank you for your help. Is the best way to link them by dropping reciprocal links on each page, or is there an easier way?




Yeah, the best way is to manually drop the links in. I understand that that’s fairly cumbersome given that Unbounce is not tailored for micro-sites, but it will definitely let you get the job done.


OK, thanks Ryan.


Hey Ryan,

Is there a way to replicate certain elements across pages? So, for instance if I want to edit a nav bar across all of the pages of a micro-site without dragging and dropping in each of the separate pages?


Hey Alec - not yet but we’ll be working on it soon. Shared content across pages is very high priority for us which, along with a couple other features, makes up our road map for the next while.


Has this been implemented yet?


Hey Luke - As Ryan mentioned above the best way to do this is to create those pages then manually link them using buttons or text links.

As for shared content, it’s still one of the big features we are actively working on, but there’s still no ETA at the moment.


Hi Guys, just seeking an update on this one.  

Still on the roadmap or has now been released?  We have an event coming up and want to build a small (3 page) microsite to support it.