How do I block a specific email domain

We have a specific scam company that keeps submitting a form on our site. I have tried looking into blocking them, but they are not using a free domain (and we don’t want to block those anyway) and every time they fill out the form their IP address changes so i can’t block them this way. Is there a way to block emails that come from this specific domain?

@Metro_Group -

You could do this using Zapier. Run a path ( that sends you a confirmation email if the field doesn’t include that bad domain, but doesn’t if it does.

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Hey @Metro_Group,

You can still use the script for free email services but instead of using it to block gmail, yahoo, etc. you’ll swap out the domain you want to block.

However, I have a feeling this would turn in to a whac-a-mole game once your scammers realize they can’t submit their email address.

In this case, I would follow @Adam_Smartschan advice and deal with it in the backend.


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Thank you guys very much! we have the emails going off to various location managers so the zapier workaround may not be viable in this case. but adjusting the script Hristian listed seems to do the trick!