How do I add shadow to characters in a text box?


I want to be able to add shadow to script within a text box, so that the script ‘pops’ a little.
Is this possible?


Hey @Aardvark I’m little confused as to what exactly you are looking for. Do you mean you would like to add a box shadow to a box element or add a drop shadow to text? Do you have example form another site I can see?


Thanks DigiBomb

When I add text into a text box, I want some shadow behind each letter that is typed.
This will help ‘pop’ the text a little.

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Ok good, so we’re looking for a drop shadow :slight_smile:

In the CSS window add the following and make sure to replace #lp-pom-text-1 with you text ID.

     #lp-pom-text-1 {
          text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #000; 

You can play with the shadow attributes until you get what you want. More info here on text-shadow


Thank you, Sir!!

I also now know that what I wanted was a drop shadow.
Thank you for your patience.

Kindest regards


No problem, anytime :slight_smile: