How do I add Alt text to a header image?


Is there a way I can add alt text to my header images?



Hey Krishna,

There sure is. Select your image and look to the right at the side-menu. In the “Properties” tab you will see an area to add Alt Text.


Thanks for your reply Kyle. I I get the alt text option only when I add an image in my copy but not when I use a header image. You know a way around that?


Oooh I see, thanks for the screenshot :smiley:

Since your image is the background of your “header” section, there is no availability for img titles, or alt text.

The way Unbounce pages (and most websites) are structured is to have sections of elements called “divs.” The header section with your image is actually a “div” and not an “img” element and therefore no custom name attributions can be added.

Unlike if you were to add an image to the page. You would then see the title you can name since it is an actual “img” element.

I hope that helps! Do you have any other questions about your header image?


Ohh i see. Thank you for the detailed explanation. Thank you!