How do I add a Pardot form or form handler to an Unbounce landing page?


I am new to Unbounce and want to add a Pardot form to the page. Is that possible?


Hey Paul!

If Pardot has a embeddable form you can drop in the embed code to a ‘Custom HTML’ widget in the page builder. Alternatively you can use an Unbounce form and do a POST to their form handler:……

Hope that helps!



They do. I tried to post the code but it isn’t showing when I preview the page. Does the page need to be published in order for the form to appear?


Hey Paul - Do try it on the published page. Depending on the content being embedded it may not show up on preview.


I just wrote a long and detailed description of what I found to be the best way to do this. My way lets you use CSS to make the Pardot form look pretty.…


I’ve tried this link a couple of times and haven’t been able to access it. I’m curious is this might be the easiest way to integrate the Pardot forms with Unbounce. Any information is appreciated!