How do I add a nicely styled button to a blank page?


When using the standard templates the CTA button is nicely styled and resizes well with the text. Is there a help entry or guide that described how to add the same nicely styled button when using the “Blank Page” template?


Thanks for the reply. I had read that thread, and tried to use those images as the up and down state, but when sizing the button in the UI to fit the text it cuts off the bottom and right side of the image.

Maybe I am missing some settings in the UI I need to use to get the button images properly shrunk to fit my text?


At the moment those are just fixed button widths since they are graphics. If you send me a screenshot of the page you are designing as well as the button that you are hoping to use ( I’d be happy to resize the graphic so that it will fit in your design.

Both resizing of images and creating resizable/flexible buttons should be ready within the next month or so.



I just thought I must have been doing something wrong. Thanks for the offer, but no need to spend your time on that - I’ll change my text/size to get it to work with the existing button images.

Thanks again for the help!


Ok no problem at all! I’ll be sure to update this thread when the new button feature is released…



Hey there,
We are working on a new feature that will allow you to create great looking buttons regardless of which template you load up. Right now those buttons you’re referring to are only in the template, but you can make them yourself using the Button element, and couple images.

There’s another Get Satisfaction thread here that has been talking about the same issue. In that thread there is a link to a zip file which you can get here:…

The zip file contains a number of pre-cut images in there that you can use as the button “up” and “down” states.

Let me know if that helps!