How do I add a mp4 file in the video section? I don't want the video on youtube


How to add a video to the video section without it being a youtube video?


Hey Janelle - Video files cannot be uploaded and hosted on Unbounce. You’ll have to upload it to your own server or using a video hosting solution such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Is there a reason why you don’t want the video hosted on YouTube? If privacy is the issue you can set the video as hidden and private on most video hosts.


Is there a way I can stop Youtube from queuing up another (competitive or irrelevant) video after mine is played on the leadpage.  I just switched to Unbound so I’m still a newbee… Thanks!


Hi Eileen, 

You need to add a parameter at the end of the video URL. In this particular case, it’s the “rel=0”. 

If you want to see the full list of parameters, you ca do so here



Thanks for the full list.  Super helpful to have it in all one place.


Could someone make a video or picture tutorial on how to add the parameters? Nothing I do is seeming to take any effect.


Chase, have you tried just using the embed code and unchecking the box called “Show suggested videos when the video finishes”?


I hadn’t noticed the show more button. I have now found the option. Thanks!


I have a similar problem, I’ve added the rel=0 tag at the end of the embed video, and I’ve unchecked the box on youtube itself and it still comes up?


Hey Will! Have you looked at this documentation? That might point you in the right direction. Let me know!