How do I add a form to the lightbox on my landing page?


I’ve added a button to my landing page and selected  ‘go to url in lightbox’ with ‘#lp-pom-block-110’ as the action.

When I click the CTA, a white box shows up, but how do I edit this white box in the editor to show a form?


Hi Vasant, 

You’ll need to have your form as a separate page if you want to load it in a lightbox.

Once you do, you’ll use the form’s URL as the action instead of #lp-pom-block-110

Hope this points you in the right direction.



Thanks for your response. Is it possible to pre-load the lightbox content so there isn’t a delay when I click the button?


Hello Vasant,

This is not something that Unbounce naturally supports.  Also if you were able to code it to preemptively load it might end up delaying the load time of your landing page.  That said, it would be an interesting thing to test :slight_smile:

Best of luck,



Hi Vasant, 

Joe is right that Unbounce doesn’t support such funtionallity out of the box. 

However, you might be able to do it by:

  1. Putting the form on your actual/initial landing page (below the footer for example)
  2. Hidding it wih CSS
  3. Revealing it in a lightbox upon a button click.

I’ve only tried the above with simple text (Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy) but it should work with a form as well, at least in theory. 

Last but not least, I don’t think the delay between the click and loading the form from a seperate page would be actually noticable. The form would be the only thing on that secondary page so it should show up rather quickly.




We’ve released a new feature into beta that allows you to build/launch your lightboxes directly within the page builder itself. This new release will allow you to add images, videos and even forms to your lightboxes. You’ll also be able to attribute the leads back to the original page. 

Go check it out and sign up for the beta  here