How do agencies charge clients for testing?


How do agencies charge clients? I am new to the CRO testing and assume I should charge clients for landing page build time plus testing time. Can anyone who has done a lot of this service suggest a model? I realize prices will vary, so I’m just after how you break this out on client invoices or how you quote to clients in the first place.



Interesting question!


I think it is best to charge by the hour than as a fixed fee. The issue is that some clients will allow some quick and dirty homepage to go up and other clients (the type I have) expect professionally designed and written “value prop” pages that are often split tested with variations where we fine-tune the messaging/imagery along with a complementary ad campaign (i.e. Facebook ads). The first scenario could be a couple hundred bucks while the second scenario could cost up to $20G for a couple fully pro campaigns. So I recommend charging $100 if you are over 30 and have at least one related college degree and several years of experience. If you are new, than charge $50an hour and use it to learn and build up your portfolio. Good luck!


Thanks Jaime, excellent answer with a good example scenario. Reminds me of the days when I was doing graphics only… whenever I thought it safe to quote a standard fixed fee, the client would find a way to have me do 3 times the intended work! I charge $125 an hour for my 18 years of experience. Hourly sounds the way to go, I’ll need to figure out what all needs to be accounted for in estimates as I do a few I guess.