How did you do it Unbounce? Add to calendar on confirmation pop-up


I signed up for Michael Aagaard’s session on agency day, very excited. I saw that the page was created using Unbounce… and that on the form confirmation dialog there was this cool add to calendar feature. So Unbounce peeps… how did ya do it? It seems like the form submit is directly integrated with go to meeting… that seems new? Is it native or a custom webhook?


Found this article, I’m giving it a try now.…


That article talks about the go to meeting part… what about the add to calendar? Is that from go to meeting or something else?


Hi Joe,

Try this, this one I like the most. There are other ways but this seems the easiest option. And it’s free :wink:




Free is my 2nd favorite 4 letter word :smiley:

Truthfully I don’t do many webinars… I am thinking about this functionality for other purposes. 


GoToWebinar will send an email with a calendar invite. Not exactly what you are talking about, but  tried it earlier and it is working seamlessly.


Hi Joe, 

Unbounce actually uses the same “add to calendar” option for all of their webinars. 

I’ve looked into it in the past and they use this software to make it work:


P.S. Stuart’s suggestions also looks promising. I’ll give it a try when a project needs it.