How could I setup a voucher code input field



I am wondering if I can setup a form field for a preselected code in order to unlock the page?
I would like to do a flyer sampling with a URL and a code written on it. If the user visits the side he should insert a code in order to be able to subscribe. Is there an easy way to do that? 


Hi Mattis, 

Currently, Unbounce doesn’t support password protecting a landing page. 

What you are trying to achieve can be accomplished a few different ways, depending on your potential visitor’s technical prowess:

  1. URL Parameter - Using a URL parameter to verify the right of the visitor to see the page. 

In this case, your visitor needs to enter the URL exactly as the example above. If they try to visit the page without the proper URL parameter or with a different parameter, they won’t be able to see the page. 

  1. Password Field [Front End Solution]- In this case, you can have a password field that tries to match a predefined value/password through a JS script. Technically, it’s trivial for a person to look up the source code of the page and find the password. It comes down to how technically skilled your visitors are and the sensitivity of the information you want to protect. Would it be catastrophic if an unauthorized person finds it? Since you are advertising through a flyer, I assume it’s some kind of sale promotion so not a big problem but still. 

  2. Password Field [Backend Solution] - Last but not least, you can have a backend script that handles verification and checks whether the password is right/wrong and proceeds accordingly. 

Either way, you’ll need to write script(s) to get it done. 

How important is a feature like this to your campaigns and how secure do you want it to be?