How Could I Create A Free Plus Shipping Funnel Using Unbounce And Shopify?

I am using Shopify for my store and have been using Unbounce to build my email list.

I would like to create a free plus shipping offer for one of my products and have an offer bump/upsell.

Here’s the sequence:

  1. Free Plus Shipping offer page
  2. Upsell (if yes, add to cart and proceed to checkout. If not proceed to checkout)
  3. Checkout
  4. Thank you

I suspect I could use the Shopify buttons app.

Has anyone here created one?

What would I need to do to move customers through this funnel efficiently?

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Hey Corey!

Welcome to the community :tada:

I’m going to ping @Stefano and @Jonathan here, they each have a ton of experience in the e-commerce space. Very excited to see how this works, keep us updated!


Thanks @Jess :slight_smile:

@CoreyK Great question. We’ve done this many times!

This is how we make it work:

Step 1: CTA on Free Plus Shipping offer page directs user to another UB LP

Step 2: Your 2nd LP is where the upsell takes place. You would have your upsell options (ex: yes or no) on this page. The CTAs on this page can utilize the Shopify buy button, or can be linked to unique checkout URLs.

Step 3: Checkout/Purchase

Here’s an example with more upsells worked into it:


Thank you both. Simpler than I imagined.


That LP looks awesome.

I realise you may not want to go into specific numbers but do you find that a lot of users buy the upsells?


Absolutely! Ans thanks for the compliment!

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Are you able to get into specific data like conversion rates overall and percentage of users who buy the upsell?

I understand if not,


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I’d love to, and for some clients I can, but for this one in particular I cannot. Sorry about that!

That’s a great questions, @Cameron_R, I’ll see if I can find some stats around CR% of upsells to send to you. It might depend on the industry you’re in, and what the offer is.


No worries i understand thank you.

Are you able to share some of those stats on the other clients? (the ones you can)

That’s typically not something we encourage here in the community as it’s a public forum. If you’re eager to find some stats based on industry, check out the Conversion Benchmark Report – it gives an overview of average conversion rate per industry.

Hope that helps!