How change the "This is content describing the main..."


I post my unbounce landing page on facebook, but the link says…
“This is content describing the main features of your product or service. It should act as a supporting description of the benefit statements.”

How can change this?
On my landig page i reemplace al, the text
This is my unbounce page

Thanks !!!


Hi Juan, 

You need to fill in your Title, Keywords or Description boxes in the Page Properties section. In your particular case, the Description box is what fills in the Facebook description. 

I also went ahead and re-scraped your page through the Facebook debug tool:

The last scrape was from 14h ago and it had the “This content…”. Now the re-scraped link has “Es momento de…”

Any link you post forward should have the new meta information. 

*EDIT* You might also want to take a look here: for a bit more details on optimizing your pages for social sharing.