How can you view the number of visits you are receiving per day as opposed to the total amount?


Without having to integrate Google analytics etc. - is there a way to segment the visits per day, so that you are able to see if Monday saw a better CTR than Wednesday, for example?

If not, what workarounds are there? This is quite important!



Hi Ruchir,

Unbounce grabs the total number of visitors/conversions to help generate the statistical base that we use for the A/B testing for your pages. Because of that, it’s only grabbing the aggregate information.

This may change in future, but in the meantime, we allow for additional tracking to be added to your page to keep track of more robust stats (like over time). The easiest way to find your visitors by day would be to look at unique page views over time in Google Analytics.

Do you mind if I ask the reason you don’t wish to integrate with Google analytics?