How can you create rounded box corners?


How can you create rounded box corners?


If you’re talking about how Unbounce has rounded table edges, that is actually an image. To create that look in Unbounce, create three sections. In a nicer graphic program, create a rounded rectangle that is the same width as your table in Unbounce–be sure you use the same exact color in both programs. For the top of the table, crop off the bottom portion of the rectangle, save it, and set it as the top section’s background in Unbounce. Then, in the graphic program, undo the cropping so that you can then crop the top portion of the rectangle off so that you can save the bottom portion and make it the bottom section’s background in Unbounce. The middle section in Unbounce should have just the hex/html color set as the background–you don’t have to use an image.

I hope this isn’t confusing. I’ve attached an image to help you visualize what I mean by cropping. The image would be set to be the bottom section’s background.


Okay, the above image didn’t upload very clearly, so here is another example with more space on the sides so you can see the rounded corners better.

Also, when you draw the rectangle, be sure to put it on a transparent background. That way, you can easily change the layout’s background in the future without recreating your images.


Does unbounce have any plans on creating this feature in future updates?


Yeah… like css3 shadows and rounded corners!


Hey guys,
Yes we certainly do have plans in the near future to build rounded corner capabilities into the editor, along with gradients and drop shadows. As Ben mentioned above, these are all possible with some CSS3 stylesheets (which you can add yourself if you like). I’ll let this thread know when the feature is released!


P.S. thanks for the detailed writeup Sara Beth!


Is this feature available yet? It would be great!


Hey Jon, it’s not available quite yet, but I can tell you that it’s already under development and the release will likely be weeks away (not months). Stay tuned!


Is this feature available yet?


Is this available yet?


Hi Ben,

I have good news for you. If you login to your account via you will notice that you are able to add rounded corners to boxes, buttons and form fields. Along with that we have also introduced the ability to add gradients. There are a whole set of improvements that we hope you will be happy about.

I hope that helps,