How can this community be better?

Here I am, once again asking for your feedback. (cue Bernie Sanders meme)

I’m laying out the runway for Q2 here at Unbounce and I’d love if any of you have some thoughts on how we can make this community better, let’s hear it!

This can be anything from design, to content, to cleaning things up, to getting other Unbouncers involved in the forum, to industry-specific content. Consider this an open mic to share your suggestions. I’m all ears :ear:

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More contests and opportunities to win some cool Unbounce swag. :sweat_smile::fire::star_struck::100::nerd_face::mega:

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Thanks Nicholas! What are some ideas for competitions?

Off the top of my head:

  • Most posts (here in the community) in a month
  • Points for sharing your work. Something like “here are my best and worst landing pages” and the community can vote on their favourites
  • Sending swag to folks who suggest ways to improve the community :smirk:

I think I haven’t really been using my notification settings properly, and I wonder if others experience the same things and it may not be for the best.

I think I default to Tracking. But I wonder if that isn’t the best choice because someone might reply and I don’t get a notification, therefore missing out on giving or getting help (which has happened many times, I’ll find out later when someone tags my name). Or also… I am averse to setting everything to notify me because that would be a flood of notifications and therefore be pointless.

So, how do we make the community better? Is there a suggestion for the right notification settings, or a better way to stay notified?

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Have you set this yourself or was this baked into your account when you signed up?

There are some things I can do from the admin side, but it’s a difficult choice to make because I worry it would, as you say, become a flood of notifications and lead to folks hitting the mute button.

And for the sake of education I’ll share this here, for anyone wondering how to customize notification settings per topic:

Perhaps we could allow members to opt-in to experiment what it’s like having default notification settings to “watching” for a week and see how that impacts their involvement/enjoyment of the forum. :thinking: :thought_balloon:

I think just from a new account it starts with the settings at “watching” on new replies or posts. But I like that idea. But I select “tracking” myself and sometimes others depending on the thread.

Maybe I should just go ahead and see what it’s like to set it all to “watching” for myself. See what happens.

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