How can my landing page resize with the browser window?


hi there,

is there a way to make my landing page re-size depending onthe window size (like this)?

any help or advice greatly appreciated.
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Hey! You can see more on building mobile friendly landing pages right here.

By default, the page will snap into mobile mode at the breakpoint of 600px wide. I do not think this can be changed.

Let me know if that helps?



Thanks Stefano.

my concer is that if somebody opens our current unbounce landing page (viewable here) with a window wider than 600px, but more narrow than 1350px - the content doesn’t adapt to fit.

wheras in the other example, it does.

is there a way round that? or script that can be added?

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Hey @db123 great question, and this comes up quite often with our clients. Unfortunately at the moment Unbounce is locked to 600px on mobile. Unbounce uses breakpoints and does not “actually” respond, as far as I’ve seen, to different resolution and screen sizes on a grid system.

*unless any of these fine folks have different info @Unbounce-Experts

In your example and like many other responsive sites, this is achieved by using a responsive CSS framework like Bootstrap or Foundation.

Really it depends how far you are pushing your Unbounce LP. We tend to design for both desktop and mobile Unbounce with a PSD template grid based on the current breakpoints being used.

You are correct, within your LP there will breakpoints that won’t cascade appropriately, I just tested it on my end.

I hope this helps.


This would be a great feature for @unbounce_admin to implement