How Can Inbound Leads Create Activity History in

#1 has a useful feature on Leads related to “activities”. 

related list shows you open tasks, future events, and requested meetings related to a record and its associated records. For example, if an upcoming meeting on your calendar is related to a contact, that event is displayed in the Open Activities related list of the contact and the account that the contact is related to.

Use Open Activities to:

  • Create events and tasks that are automatically related to the record
  • Request a meeting with a contact ( Proposed Meeting Icon denotes a meeting request that’s emailed to a contact)
  • Ask a contact for an update
  • Edit, close, or delete activities on the list

Meeting requests and requests for updates can be sent to a contact, a lead, or a person account.Our call tracking software is already integrated and can create activities related to inbound phone calls for new leads.

I’m wondering if anyone has created a similar integration for Unbounce and for inbound leads.