How can I use the same form for two variants?


I am trying to test the location of a form with an A/B testing on my page. Is it possible to use the same form (form ID) in both variants so both of them save the data collected and I can visualize them in the Leads tab?

Currently I see that each form has its own form ID and only the data collected from variant A is saved.

Thank you

Hi @Maria_T!
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You should be able to! I would love to maybe take a closer look at your setup though. Would you be comfortable sharing the published URL of the page with me?

If it’s easier, you can also connect with us at (to reach our lovely support team) and we can help you through that avenue instead. Whatever is easier for you!

I would also make sure that when you are testing, you are submitting the form from the published page rather than in Preview. No lead data is saved when the form is tested in Preview.

Thank you Alex!

Yeah, the problem was I was submitting the forms in Preview. It is sorted now. Thank you!

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