How can I test two unbounce landing pages using two different traffic sources?


i am trying to optimize my unbounce pages and i have created a champion page and a variant in their system. i am trying to figure out how i can attribute the traffic and conversions i receive within unbounce to one particular traffic source. is this a default function i am somehow missing or do i really need to get custom code to figure this out?

here is a more specific and broken down example of what i want to do:

users arrive at my unbounce page from two sources, A and B

i want to somehow record when a conversion happens whether it was from source A or source B. without making two seperate versions of my unbounce page, is this possible?


Hi Nick - If your page has a form you could add a hidden field and using URL parameters, have that field indicate the traffic source. Take a look at our support article on using url parameters to pre-fill form fields:…