How can I test my Landing Page Speed and/or get tips on improving Google Landing Page Score?


I have a beautiful landing page that has all the right keywords, workflow function and describes my client’s service perfectly, but I am getting killed in AdWords Average page rankings and landing page score by a page that literally has 10 lines of text, no images and a big fat phone number. The winning page is just a shock in how it outperforms our well-crafted page. I understand there are a ton of factors that Google’s algorithm does not disclose, but I want to ensure that my page has as much of a fighting chance as possible. 

What are some ways I can test my landing page’s speed and load times? What are some tricks that anyone uses to guage and increase their Google landing page scores? 


Hey Stuart

You could try using the following services to check your page speed:

You can also integrate with GA and review the average page load time reports. Do keep in mind there are also many factors that come into play when reviewing page speed and load times such as the customers internet connection and devices processing power which can skew your average load time.

On that note Unbounce pages should load up in respectable speeds. Adwords score can be influenced by landing page relevancy and in some cases (like your competitors) less can be better. Be sure you also try reworking the content and structure of your landing pages as well.

Hope that helps!


Hi Stuart,

I am no expert just a user of Unbounce. I find that I get lowish QS when it comes to landing page experience despite having specific landing pages for each different ad group. Whilst QS is something to always strive to improve on, it is important to not see this as your main aim. You mentioned a poor landing page appearing above yours, you may find they are paying a lot more for clicks but undoubtedly they will have a far lower conversion rate than your far better constructed page. My opinion is to always optimise for conversion first as the priority, then other things such as QS come later. Again, I am no expert thats just my opinion, so dont get too down if your QS is a little lower than you expect. 



Great point, Dez! 

It can be jarring to hear _“Don’t stress about the QS”, _but you’re totally right; QS isn’t everything. Theresa Baiocco (co-founder and CMO of Conversion Max) actually covered this on our blog recently

I’m not saying to disregard your quality score. It IS an important metric for getting more clicks for less spend.  But don’t optimize for quality score at the expense of more important metrics. Theresa details how to look at the whole process from search query to ad to landing page to conversion to sale and measure and improve profits. Check it out here


Improved ad-copy click-through rate will factor in your quality score, so try testing different copy iterations with factors like:

  • Emotional appeal
  • Price
  • Benefit
  • Features
  • Strong call to action
  • Promotion
  • Seasonal offering

You can quantify copy improvements on click through rate and conversion, so that will help your qs.


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