How can I submit a form to a script on an external server?


I want to use Unbounce to submit basic ordering information to a script on our server. Payment information will be collected on a subsequent page on our site. How can I set the “action” attribute of the form in Unbounce?

On a related note, is there any way to customize the name of a form field independently of its label?


Hi Matthew81 - If you change your form confirmation action to “Post to URL”, you can set your URL there, which sets the action attribute (more on that here:…).

Form field names and labels can’t be set independently of each other, but you can hide the form label, which lets you set the field name to whatever is appropriate. Then you can use a text element to set what displays on the actual page.

Alternately, you can set up a webhook, which sends the data in xml and json via the POST method. This also allows you to set up custom field mapping, so you can send your fields as any value you want. Here’s some more info on Webhooks:…