How can I redirect a lightbox to a Form in the same page?


Hi, I would like to redirect a lightbox to a Form in the same page. In my page there is a light box button at the top of the page and also there’s the form at the bottom of the page. I want to click to that ligthbox and redirect me immediately to the form below in order to be filled.
How can I do that? is there any option to do it? There is no option in the Action section of the lightbox to do that.

This is my page:

Thanks in advance.


Hi Ands,

Very nice page. Curious though, why not just have the button jump down to the section with the form? Or put the form inside the lightbox?

Having the lightbox pop up, only to have the visitor click again might cause some usability issues, since they would need to click twice just to get to the form.


Hi Nicolas, thanks for your response. Yeah a button could work but how can I have the button to jump down directly to the section where the form is located?

Maybe this is very easy to do but I can’t get it.
Can you guide me?



Hey Ands,

Sure! Here’s a quick 1-minute video showing how to create a jump link in Unbounce:


Awesome! it works, thanks a lot man, I learned something new today, thanks to you.