How can I pre-fill form fields from most recent visit?


Hey there

I use Unbounce in a couple of different ways. Mostly it’s for delivering campaign-based landing pages, but I also have a landing page where our partners can choose to have a landing page created for them.

Here’s an example:

It works really well for us, but it does have at least one challenge. The form collects 13 form fields - I need that many to deliver their version of the campaign email and landing page - and it works well. However if a partner wants more than one campaign they have to fill in all 13 fields each time.

I know I could turn the drop down into a multi-select, but what I really want is for a partner to run a campaign, see how successful it is and then come back for more. If I create all the campaigns in one sitting the chances are good they will forget about everything after the first campaign.

What I’m looking for is a way to store some of the field information in a cookie, so the perhaps the first 7 fields are prefilled. Making it easier for them to work with the form.

How can I acheive this?

Thanks in advance.



Hey Mark!

I’ve passed this request on to some of the more code-savvy folks here and they’re going to try to work this into a script that can solve both this issue, and also be universally applicable to more users.

Your situation is a bit involved and specific to your form in general, otherwise I’d just suggest that they jump in and post a script here. This way, they can make a script that you can customize and that other Unbounce users can use for similar circumstances.

I’ll keep you posted on any progress we have on our end, but if any of our code-savvy @Unbounce-Experts want to jump in here, I won’t stop them! :slight_smile:


Hey @Mark_Weatherill!

Would this do what you’re looking for?



Thanks for the script. It certainly looks exactly like what I need. If it works, I’m sure our partners will be thanking you for saving their fingers.

This is kind of a side project for me, so it may take me a couple of days to test it, but thanks for the link. I’ll set it up and see where it goes.

Thanks again



It works. Thanks for a very easy solution to what I thought was a couple days work! I think it took me 5 minutes.

Just excellent support. Thanks guys.