How can I point my homepage (but no other internal pages) to Unbounce?


Hi -

Any idea for how I can point my homepage only (not internal pages of my site) to Unbounce?

It’s because I’m A/B testing my homepage and Unbounce is great for that.

This means that someone might enter my site through an internal page like, then click on the “Home” button, and that’s when I want them to go to my Unbounce page.

Or a user might type in directly, and that’s also when I want them to see my Unbounce page(s). Then if they click anything on the homepage, they’ll get back to my main hosted site (leaving Unbounce)

So in other words, I’m only trying to forward not any subfolders or pages to Unbounce.


Hi Scott - This exact setup might not be possible. Using your domain with unbounce requires a CNAME record to be setup with your hosting provider. The problem is, when you setup that record it will override all the pages on that domain including your subfolders and pages. This is why we recommend using a subdomain instead such as or

As a workaround, you could try embedding your landing page within an iframe on your homepage. That might work for what your trying to achieve.


Thanks for suggesting an iFrame but I think that will hurt my SEO efforts because iFrames are probably not crawled, I think.

I guess I’ll have to find another way to experiment with my homepage.

Unbounce is great for landing pages, just not my most important landing page - the homepage :slight_smile:


Hey Scott - I thought I’d chime in here too!

Unbounce is first and foremost a landing page builder. Our A/B testing features are unique to pages built in Unbounce.

If you’re keen to test your homepage and you should (our motto is always be testing!) you may want to check out our partner Visual Website Optimizer. They enable you to A/B test existing content such as your homepage, they aren’t a builder. Hope that helps!


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll just improve my current homepage and then use Visual Website Optimizer to test tweaks of it as you suggest.

It’s just a lot easier to build the pages in Unbounce, especially if I want to test radically different designs for my homepage.


How about a 301 redirect for the testing period? Will that resolve the homepage issue? I’m a newbie here.