How can I place this code from codepen into my page?


Hey Everyone!

Looking to drop this code from codepen into my landing page:

I tried placing the html in the “custom html” tool then dropped the CSS into the CSS style sheet located at the bottom of the page builder.

My end goal is to be able to create a phone frame to display snapchat videos.on my page. I would like to solve this issue using this code but if someone knows another route that would be sweet.




Hi Trevor, 

Can you clarify a bit your problem because I just did a quick test and the frame/code you’ve provided loads up fine, when placed on an Unbounce page. 

Possibly, share your page as well so the community here can troubleshoot it for you.



Hi Hristian,

Thank you for taking the time and trying this code out. I may be inputting it wrong. Would you mind walking me through your process?




Hi Trevor, 

I don’t have much of a process on this one. Just copy/pasted the HTML and CSS. 

Did you wrap your CSS in tags?

It would help if you share you page. 


EDIT: Here is the demo I set up:


You rock! thanks… I forgot the style tag… smh