How can I permanently disable a variation from being accessed via direct URL?


Here are the steps I’m following:

1.) Create page variant
2.) Allocate traffic to variant
3.) Publish page
4.) See variant live by accessing the direct URL (ie -[variantLetter].html)
5.) Discard variant
6.) While in “Discarded” status, delete variant
7.) Re-publish page
8.) Re-visit direct URL (ie -[variantLetter].html)

On step 8, I’m still able to directly access the variant even though I have discarded it and deleted it.

How can I disable/delete variations entirely? Is there a step I’m missing?


Hey Audrey - is there a particular reason why you want to send traffic to two variants rather than two pages?

Just so you, and the Unbounce community, are aware, this trick (adding a.html or b.html etc to the end of the URL) is a bit of an undocumented feature and is not intended to be used for driving traffic. Using a variant URL is usually reserved for tracking purposes, such as configuring goals in Google Analytics or
heatmaps, etc.

If you choose to direct your traffic this way, you won’t register any visitor or conversion statistics. Likewise, because this feature isn’t supported, the URL could break or change at anytime.

I’ve opened up a support ticket for you so we can dig in further. Check your email Audrey!


Hey Audrey - You shouldn’t be able to access a ‘deleted’ variant. If your still able to see it try un-publishing, then re-publishing the page. After which clear your cache and try to view the live variant again.

If your still encountering this issue shoot us an email at Be sure to include the details of what page and variant and we’ll take a closer look.


Hey Audrey - I’ve tried to follow up with your login email a few times, but it looks like I’m not getting through. If you’re still having trouble, please contact us at support[at]unbounce[dot].com. We’ll be sure to help!