How can I offer progressive form fill?


How can I have a progressive form fill? On the landing page, I want to ask a relatively innocuous question (let’s say, first name) and on next page I want to ask for their email. ‘Page’ in this sense could be an in-page reference (#next-form), but what I want is multiple forms resulting in one lead (all our pages post to Salesforce).


Hi Yulia - you can set-up multi-step forms in Unbounce (we’ve got a guide to that here:…).

Since it does involve multiple pages, each form is separate, but if you only want to push a lead if they make the last step of the form, you can just set up your pages so the Salesforce integration is only enabled on that final page.

Finally, if you’d like it so only the form changes, but the user stays on the same page, you can serve the form up from a button CTA in a lightbox (you’ll just need to make sure that all of your form pages are close to the same size. We’ve got a tutorial on serving a page through a lightbox here:…


The 2nd link you posted for the lightbox is broken, like a *lot* of other links in your support site. I wonder why that is.


Hi Sidney - we recently had to migrate some our documentation (as part of an upgrade to our platform). Most links should have been redirected automatically, but there are a few that we missed. You can find that second link’s new home here:…