How can I mobile optimize landing pages?


is it possible to make the landing page responsive?


Unfortunately not Jaanika.

We have four big features on our road-map, one of which is responsive page design. Our page builder team is hard at work researching a solution and not a day goes by where we don’t discuss responsive at Unbounce HQ.

If you’re interested, you can check out this product update outlining our upcoming initiatives.

I wish I could give you the answer you were hoping for here.


Thank you, this was helpful. Hope the time is not far to find the solution :slight_smile:


I see this discussions is 6 months old now. What’s the status of responsive designs?


Hi Simon, I actually wrote a blog post a couple weeks ago about our progress on responsive. There’s a demo/screencast video of where we’re at:…


Great, thanks Carter.


Hi, I was trying to optimize mobile version of my landing page but some elements just won’t show properly ( countdown clock, etc…)

Is it possible to make changes of my landing pages mobile version without effecting my desktop version?

For examble I would like to remove some elements from my mobile version without automaticly removing them from my desktop version.

Thank you


Hi Lily, 

It is definitely possible to have certain elements appear _only _on desktop (or mobile), you just need to set it up appropriately in the Page Contents pop-out menu. Also, when it comes to moving elements on Mobile, default functionality might reparent elements which causes them to move on the desktop view as well. Again, this is something you can get around fairly easily if you know all the tips on how to use the tool. We have an awesome video explaining this functionality in detail, as well as a full how-to article which you can find here: