How can I mask links?


I want to set up links on my page that go to but then redirect to my click-through link. Is there a way to do this?


Hi Ben, I’m not too clear on what you’re trying to achieve here. What would your click-through link be in this case?


Sorry about that. Here is an example.

I have a button which uses my affiliate link to go to a product page. However, that affiliate link is really obscure. It’s made up of lots of random letters and numbers, and that makes it obvious that it’s an affiliate link.

So what I’d like to do is set that button’s link to, and then when they click on that link, redirects the user to my affiliate link.

Hopefully that’s clearer?


Hey Ben - you can achieve that using a javascript redirect

You’ll just need to create and publish a page to Include the following code on that page (using the ‘Scripts’ dialog box in the editor) to redirect your visitors:

Be sure to replace with your affiliate link since that’s the page you want to redirect your visitors to.

Then, when visitors navigate to, the javascript will send them to your affiliate link.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Or just use a trusted link shortner luike and take that link. This way you wouldn’t be using your own domain name in the URL though.

Alternatively build your own URL Shortner using WordPress and the Pretty URL script, this would allow you to create any Takes about 10 minutes if you’re familiar with WordPress.

Or have a look at YOURLS, a Google supported solution. More information at…