How can i install the conversion pixel correctly!?


For my website we are building right now some landing pages with Unbounce. We sell especially beauty products for men and women. There is only a problem with tracking pixel. We use Wordpress and WooCommerce for our website. My webdesigner is telling me that since an update on Wordpress there are no longer more so called ‘‘thank you’’ pages, were people land after the completed the purchase. But on the ‘‘thank you’’ page you have to install the pixel to track the conversions. So since the update i got so called ‘‘End point’’ pages instead of a normal ‘‘Thank You’’ page. But a ‘‘End point’’ is not a really existing page is my webdesigner telling me. Does anyone please can help me with this problem? I really hope so thank you for now.


Hi, you might want to look into Google Tag Manager. You can set up a conversion event to fire after a specific event takes place on the page, such as a purchase. That’s one way to do it without utilizing a thank you page.

The specifics would depend on exactly what kind of pixel you’re talking about, from which platform, and how you define a conversion.


I agree - I prefer using this approach versus the traditional thank you page.