How can I increase the size of checkboxes using CSS?


I would like to increase the size of the check boxes in my form so they’re easier to see and select.


Hi Hasan - this isn’t possible with the basic tools in our application. You can increase the text size, but this doesn’t alter the actual checkboxes.

It is possible to re-size checkboxes with CSS, but this can cause cross browser issues. It also requires you to hide the default checkboxes, so if you do run into these cross browser issues, your checkboxes won’t show in the problem browser, so I would recommend against it.

Sorry that I couldn’t be of more assistance, Hasan. But this is a cross platform CSS issue, so there isn’t a lot that we can do to address it in the product.


Let’s say I’d be okay with it having cross-browser issues. Could you share that CSS?