How can i improve page speed in my landing page?


Hi, I’m a digital trafficker in an agency in Mexico
We currently run about 6 accounts relating to the real estate market. According to our current CTR and Convertion Rate we are in a position where we need to optimize our landing pages in order to increase the possibility of a conversion. I have changed formats, image size and my main problem is still the loading time, it is currently 5-7 seconds
How can i make my web faster?


Hi Eduardo,

Have you run the page through a tool like ? That will give you specific recommendations for what to optimize next. That’s what I’d start with.

Also, if you page has not been updated or republished after September 5th of last year, make sure to give it a quick republish, in order to take advantage of Unbounce’s new “Speed Boost” features, if you’re on one of the plans that includes those features. That alone can really speed up your page.

You can read more about that here: I feel the need... The need for Speed Boost 🚀