How can I get the url of the LightBox?


I want to create the lightbox, and I want to track the conversion how many people go to the lightbox. Is that possible I get the URL of the LightBox?


Hey @jacky :slight_smile: A Lightbox won’t have a specific URL, but you can track it as a conversion on your page under the Goals (keeping in mind that if you have more than one, you will only see the total Goal Conversions as one number). Here’s an example from one of my pages –

You could also track it more accurately by creating a Custom Event in Google Analytics – not my area of expertise to set that up, but this article is fairly comprehensive OR I’m sure someone else here will be able to help you set that up.

If you’re using Facebook ads, then you could also track this with the Facebook Pixel. Add the Content View code snippet to the base Pixel code on your page e.g.

fbq('track', 'ViewContent', {content_name: 'Lightbox_Name'}); 

Hope this helps!


I grab the URL to the lightbox all the time. I typically bring up the lightbox in chrome, right click and choose inspect. You should see in the reference of the light box, like the linked screenshot below. Right click to copy the link and you have your lightbox url. My apologies for the quick explanation but I am sure others can expand. The tracking example above looks pretty solid.