How can I delete left and right margin on my mobile version?


I have created a mobile version of my landing page.

In the Unbounce builder and preview mode I have no left/right margin on my mobile version, but when I load the public version on my smartphone I see a left and right margin.

How can I delete these left and right margins ?

Thank you in advance, best regards,


Hi there!

Would you mind providing a URL for a screenshot?


Hi Stefano,

Sure -->

Thank you for your help.



Bonjour, Théophile!

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I think what you’re looking to do is stretch your context to full width?


Hey @theophilelecouteux

This should help Adjusting margins in mobile view


Hello Stefano,

Thank you for your answer.

I want to strech all page elements (texts, titles, buttons, images,…) to full width on mobile depending on the size of the screen.

Is it possible in Unbounce ?

Thank you in advance, best regards,



Unfortunately I do not believe this is possible at this time. I think @Hristian has had some success with certain elements (slider?). Maybe he can shed some light?