How can I delete a variant?


How can I delete a variant?


Hello there Jeff - thank you for getting in touch!

To delete a page variant, you must first discard it by using the cog menu opposite the variant’s name and selecting ‘Discard This Variant’. You can delete a discarded variant by using its cog menu and selecting ‘Delete This Variant’

Discarded variants have had all of their traffic weight removed and are no longer visible to any of your visitors.

Jeff, I would also encourage you to check out or user guide at Unbounce Answers has some great tips and tricks on getting started!


Louise | Unbounce Customer Success


Just to have this saved somewhere: You have to “Promote a Champion” first.

So if you have an old variant that you want to delete, you have to make the new (or any other) variant the “Champion” then. Just then “Discard this page” appears in the menu!

Bernd Jahnke