How can I create a form with submit button going to an email addres?

I used a form field template with a submit button. I finished my layout with the other links pointing to URLS. But I could not figure out how the submit button for the form field. Where does it go? I tried filling it out to send my email but I didn’t get any email. I checked out to change the link to that submit button but I don’t see any way to change the email. Any help would be appreciated.

@brazil -

Are you looking to get a notification when someone fills out the form? If so, you have to check off Email Notifications within the “Integrations” section.

Hi Adam, I used a form field template with a submit button but don’t know where that goes, as I checked the button but there’s no URL link. Where does that form go? Better yet, how I can create a link to our office email to know who is filling out form.

This is the template form. It says Claim Form but where does it go and how I can control where it goes? I’m in trial mode btw.


@brazil -

It looks like you have two things going on here. Recorded a quick tutorial:

@Brazil - reading between the lines a little here, but are you asking how and where the form submissions get saved? It sounds like you want someone to be able to fill in their details, those details be saved somewhere, you get notified that you’ve got a new submission and then you’re able to view the details.

If that’s right then there are two options:

  1. You use the form in your page to post the details to a database somewhere you own, e.g. the URL might be which you’d then have to monitor to get it to tell you when a new entry has been added. Take a look at [How-to] Send Leads to a Third Party Service with a Form Post (i.e. Pardot Forms....)
  2. You only use Unbounce’s own lead capture (form submission) ability and get Unbounce to notify you when a new lead is added -