How can I add custom InfusionSoft tags to a new contact based on check box or drop down menu values?


I have the integration all set up, but I need to pass some custom tag information to InfusionSoft based on which checkboxes or drop down menu values are selected by the user.

How can I apply custom tags to the contact based on the checkboxes they select?


This is a great question. I am not sure that this  is possible. I am using Zapier to do that for me and it has been working great since I started using Unbounce.


Hi Sam,

This is a fantastic question and I would love to know if you got this working. If this is not possible out of the box, zapier is a great tool, but I am not sure it could do what you are asking.


Hi Sam, 

Zapier is indeed a great solution for automation and connecting 3rd party apps. 

However, you can also set up a custom webhook that does the same and gives you a bit more control. 

The downside: It needs to be custom coded so the cost is a bit higher upfront.

The upside: No monthly costs since it would be hosted on your server and you do get more flexibility. 



How did you set up the Zapier? I am having trouble tagging based on drop down selection.


Does tagging from a checkbox still need zapier to be done?