How can I add a "Disclaimer" modal window at first visit?



we are publishing a landing page with financial content.
The visitor must accepting our disclaimer (checkboxes) before he can access the landingpage.
How can I realize that with Unbounce? It would be great, to add this in a Cookie, that the disclaimer ist not coming again, when the user is visiting our landing page again.

Thank you!


You could use the Sticky Bar to do this (and it won’t show once they click/check the box) BUT it won’t block access to the page. It would serve more as a notification. I have a similar set-up for cookies on this page (bottom Sticky Bar):

The other ‘hack’ you could do is create 2 pages - the first with a form to accept the T&Cs and when they submit it, they’ll land on the actual page. Here’s a mock-up of what I mean:

Otherwise, you’d need to look for something external that could be added via script or embed.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hello Yves,

Did you find a solution to your problem ? I’m facing the exact same issue.

Thanks @Zoe_Tattersall for your second solution (2 pages) but the problem is someone could go directly to the second page if it has the direct link.


Hey @julien_level :slight_smile:

It’s not 100% secure, but it would be pretty unlikely that someone would end up on the 2nd page – unless you gave them the direct link. Unbounce is not really designed for protected pages.

Make sure you check ‘Hide my page from search engines’ for the 2nd page in the Page Properties.


Thanks Zoe for your time !

Well, the LP i’m making is something that will be shared when it’s launched and the risk of it being reached without people seing first the T&C is high…

The perfect solution would have to use JS (if possible) so that a pop-up could not be closed without the person clicking on the button.

Do you think it’s possible ?
If yes, do you know someone i could pay to write such a JS script ?


A small update.

  1. it seems that it’s not possible to use a JS script that would
    A. hide the “close button” and
    B. would prevent the popup to disappear when you click outside of it.

    –> The reason is that it’s beyond the space in which the JS script can act.

  2. there is a solution but it does have a cost.
    It’s called wisepops and it has a nice interface so if you know how to use Unbounce you’ll be at home there.
    There are other similar solutions like poptin or sumo which can be free in exchange of a small sumo badge.

It would be great if Unbounce could add theses features to the pop-up:

  • hide close button
  • prevent or not the disappearing of the pop-up if you click elsewhere.
  • Choose the action behind the “button” (like simply close the pop-up, or scroll to a anchor).
  • The possibility to chose the color of the area outside of the popup. to hide a bit the content with a grey (or any color) transparency.

I know you have a lot on your table already but maybe i’ll add a features request for it.