How can I add a "Disclaimer" modal window at first visit?



we are publishing a landing page with financial content.
The visitor must accepting our disclaimer (checkboxes) before he can access the landingpage.
How can I realize that with Unbounce? It would be great, to add this in a Cookie, that the disclaimer ist not coming again, when the user is visiting our landing page again.

Thank you!


You could use the Sticky Bar to do this (and it won’t show once they click/check the box) BUT it won’t block access to the page. It would serve more as a notification. I have a similar set-up for cookies on this page (bottom Sticky Bar):

The other ‘hack’ you could do is create 2 pages - the first with a form to accept the T&Cs and when they submit it, they’ll land on the actual page. Here’s a mock-up of what I mean:

Otherwise, you’d need to look for something external that could be added via script or embed.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: