How best get unbounce pages picked up by google for SEO?


Do unbounce pages get picked up by google? Any recommended steps to get these pages searchable? I’m guessing the spiders can’t find them? Thanks - great app!


I think this is actually something that deserves a bit more mojo over the long term. I know you can’t control the goog nor indexing, etc…but I think as it stands, many marketers who are going to try unbounce are not going to have lists/traffic sources/mass followings on socmed, etc. to push toward pages. Some maybe looking for a fast goog index on a multi-keyword rich page name, etc. (not withstanding the other factors you mentioned.) I checked today after about 4 days to find no indexing had occurred so I actually submitted the page to goog via their submission widget, linked from my “mothership site” etc. to increase my chances. I know UB isn’t in the business of SEO’ing for people as a core compentency (besides giving us the great structure)…so just my barely educated thoughts. Hope all is bouncy in unbounceland.


I have experimented with this, and it looks like unbounce page links are not overly SEO friendly, and may not get indexed. I put the page together, and the main page appears in google, but it won’t pick up any sub pages.
I also linked the sub pages from my site at, but they don’t seem to get picked up that way either.

I think for most of us, SEO is a big win, so any advice on this from unbounce would be great!


Having good SEO on a landing page typically created for advertising isn’t really important IMO. You want people to go to these pages from your advertising, not find them on there own.


Just wanted to update this thread as it’s connected to some conversation in another Get Satisfaction post.


when searching my website in google I get this as the heading for my page"Please correct the following errors:" why is this happening


Hey aditya, have you added a Title to your page in the “Title & Meta” area? If not, google will just scan your page for some text and use that - in this case it’s using the form validation text. If you do add a Title, it may take Google a while to get back around to spidering your page again.



@ Carter Yes I did put in the Heading and keywords tags too but it hasnt yet picked up those and misleads as the heading. I just hope google resolves this soon for me.
Can you also check if I have put some tags or not at I have done it and its there in my editor when I go and edit it and I can see it there in the option for “title and meta tags” I have addedd my details there already 2 days back


Hi lazarette,
Your pages are completely indexable by Google, but you’re right, they probably can’t find them unless you link to them from somewhere. Setting up some links from a main website (if you have one) is a good idea to start. Also, have you filled in the meta title, description and keywords for each variant? This can be found in the editor at the bottom of the “Page Settings” tab:

Hope that helps!