How about an Unbounce Agency version?


Just wanted to express my thoughts about an Unbounce Agency version, for those of us who wish to offer their landing page tuning services as a paid service to third parties.

What would we need to make it happen? I’m kicking off with the following:

  • Per page reporting area and export to PDF functionality with custom template (traffic stats, nice graphics of landing pages etc.)
  • Client login area with stats of their pages and custom logo of Agency
  • Some kind of accreditation program to show off nice badge (authority/trust thing)
  • A non-unbounce URL to add at custom domains DNS, to avoid cutting out middleman

Please share your thoughts, mainly to inspire product development to make it happen! :slight_smile:


Great idea.

It would be great to have a scaling price structure for smaller agencies who are ramping up that is a function of the number of accounts.

Accreditation, advanced training program would definitely be useful. What about whitelabel training videos and tutorials for the end users?

Make it so the agency administrator has the option of changing a client’s permission settings (some clients may want to be more involved than others, some would be able to make changes on their own, some should just have access to reports).

Automatic alerts in reporting: maybe a weekly email summary?


I need to be able to organize my clients (with multiple locations each). An ability to create “buckets” or folders would be helpful. (Unless it already exists and I don’t know it.)


Good stuff, keep them coming!

To me, a whitelabel/Agency version would be a very suitable upsell for current clients who already use PPC campaign managment services.


Hey Janet, we have a feature called “Page Grouping” which you can enable by visiting (or clicking on “Account” in the top right and then “Labs”.) This will enable you to great groups for your pages. Once it’s a bit more feature-complete, we’ll be activating it by default for everyone. Hope that helps!


Thanks for the feedback guys, this is at the top of our list (providing multi-user and agency support). We are currently in the middle of expanding our team in order to accomodate the rush of development work that we have ahead of us. This kind of feedback helps a lot when validating our priorities…



finally, no more silly homepages for my SEM clients! highly anticipating the unbounce agency version!


Love Ben’s comment. We are an agency and are struggling with what to do when our clients ask to log in to Unbounce to see stats themselves. We really would love a multi-user account with read-only access.


Thanks, found it.


I like the Google Adwords method of “agency” accounts known as MCC. Where the billing and account size can be determined on a per client basis, but I could be granted access to an account (or multiple accounts) by my clients … and thus I could grant access to my employees and contractors as needed.

There are many ways to skin the cat of Agency account, no matter how you do it I’ll be excited to upgrade or move over to that when you do.

Please don’t think that all agencies are huge, there are small 1-5 person shops in the digital agency space who could use this but wouldn’t afford a $5k/month account (exaggeration implied)

Thanks for the great product and for working on an agency version!


Great feedback, thanks! You’re absolutely right that there are many ways to skin the agency cat… and we’re keeping small agencies in mind as we do. Thanks for your support, it will be an exciting day when we can announce this to our (new and existing) customers!


Please just don’t grow so fast that you grow hard to reach and then grow yourself out of business or get bought up by a firm that changes the whole user experience. Just went through that with Performable as a client.


I totally understand that concern Kevin. The last thing we want to do is alienate our existing customers by growing Unbounce too fast, or too large. We’re pretty keen on continuing to streamline our user experience, as we improve our ability to accomodate teams and agencies working with multiple clients. The goal is to have most of that added functionality stay out of the way for users who still just need Unbounce as it is today.

All that being said, it’s a big part of why we hope to keep an open dialogue in these forums during the development phase, so that there aren’t any unwelcome surprises down the line…

Thanks for the feedback Kevin!



Any news here?


This would be so incredibly helpful. I would also love the certified program or some sort of certification.


Eagerly awaiting the Agency version. any ETA?


We need folders when we apload images for our landing page because if you have more then 3-5 pages in account its veary hard to found nessesary image in media folders that contains 100+ images :slight_smile:


I’m beginning to need something like this. I’ve currently got 55 pages each with 3-4 images. So the select image screen is starting to look a bit crowded and unorganised.


Hey guys, we’re finally at the stage where we need to get a beta group together for more manageable discussion and feedback as we build these features If you are interested in being a part of our Agency and Multi-user beta group, please sign up here. Thanks!


Very exciting! Signed up for beta, truly believe this could be great upsell!