How a welcome mat/squeeze page using Unbounce and WordPress?


The first time you visit it takes you to (a squeeze page). The next time you go you go straight to the homepage.

Any idea how I can use Unbounce to do this for my own site?


  • William


Generally this is accomplished by setting a cookie when the user first visits and redirecting them to your squeeze page. On subsequent visits, you check for the cookie and don’t redirect if it’s present. The details depend a lot on the specifics of your hosting. Are you planning on hosting both your home page and the squeeze page on Unbounce?



Thanks for getting back to me! I only planned to host the squeeze page on Unbounce and the home page using Dreamhost.

Any other guidance would be greatly appreciated!


Hey William, lots of ways you could accomplish this then, with all of the work being on the Dreamhost side. My first inclination would be use a combination of Apache’s mod_usertrack to set the cookies, and then mod_rewrite to do the redirect. If you’re more comfortable with client-side techniques you could also use Javascript:…