Hotspot Not Loading in Unbounce


Does anyone know why the hotspot information loads just fine in the code pen below, but when the code is loaded into Unbounce, nothing happens?


Hi @ekuhn

I was able to get this working. Make sure you are adding the script and style tags for this. There are no tags when you copy the scripts from CodePen.

If you are still having issues, share a link of the page you’re working on so we can better identify the issue!


Link below. The hotspot info does not load when you click the hotspot button:


Hi @ekuhn!

You will have to share a published page! I am unable to view a preview - would have to have access to your account to view that.



Please see below:


any update?


Hi @ekuhn,

Just load a newer jQuery library above the JS snippet and that should fix your issue.

The example on CodePen uses 3.1.1