Horizontal form


Look at form on top part of site: http://www.donotlink.com/hyy8

I need to create a form with same functionality, width and  height and put it horizontally in top part of page just like in this site. What is best way to achieve this? I don’t know much css but if I can get a form with all controls on it, i can drag them here and there, set height, width, colors etc and create a stylesheet. But i could not find any such stylesheet designer.


Hi Sach, 

You can fairly easy make the form spread out horizontally. Here is a thread (including an example script) to get you going: https://community.unbounce.com/unbounce/topics/horizontal_form_please

However, the functionality is a whole other matter. 

You might be able to get an Unbounce form to have the same functionality but that would require some serious custom coding, testing, QA and so on. 

It might be better to just embed your current form on the page. 



I have used that form. It works. However, it is a bit tricky to get everything to line up just right. Takes a lot of trial/error and testing. I know you tried iFraming it into the page once and you didn’t have much luck :frowning: Not sure what the best option for you is to get the same functionality…


I don’t own the form in the link I sent. Yes, I need conditional logic on form. seems like this cannot be achieved by unbounce directly. What other options do I have? No Iframes now.:slight_smile:


update: here is new design (http://try.escapere.com/flights-underdev/)

and also request to critique it so that I can improve it further.